Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waking up to the first dusting of snow for the season this morning was nice. The snow is still falling as I type. Although I have to go grocery shopping in a little while in it. The roads are just wet so it won't be so bad.
I am catching up on laundry and Tony is suppose to be watching the Rams football game but is taking a nap in front of the T.V. instead...hahahaha
Grabbed a few pics of the snow while Baxter was outside playing and chasing a few squirrels. He never gets close enough to actually catch one of them but he sure runs them back up the trees all the time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I still have good intentions to try and write on this everyday although up until now it seems that it will just be a weekly event.. hahaha

This is a wierd week for working I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tony and I have decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday. We will go out to his Son's house for a little while on Thursday. I don't mind going somewhere for Thanksgiving Dinner just the fact that I don't have any leftovers to munch on is my problem. I like those leftovers from the fridge.

We are installing new smoke detectors this evening. Over the past few weeks we have had fire trucks visit the neighborhood here several times. Two of those visits were houses right next to us. The smoke detectors that are up are many years old and in need of replacement.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

C C C Cold this morning

It was 26 when I left for work. Brrrrr. Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Where has this year gone? I keep really busy with the housekeeping and sitting at work. The days just fly by. We had snow showers on Saturday morning. Not much but was pretty to look at. Preview of the up and coming weather.. hahahaha

Tomorrow is the last day to smoke at work. They have told employee's that they can go to their cars, but not management. There are going to be a lot of grumpy employee's for awhile...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am beginning to think I really don't have any days off...hahahaha I am always catching up on something on those days, today it is the laundry.
Baxter is whining at the front window as the squirrels are scurrying all over the place collecting food for the winter. When the wind blows the leaves he whines really loud, I haven't quite figured out what that one means yet. Although at this time last year he was just a pup so it might be that this is something new and different for him.
As you can see from the picture, the yard needs raked again. This weekend will be a busy time outdoors for Tony and I even though we have a chance of snow flurries this Saturday. Personally I am looking forward to some snow. Guess that is the one thing I miss the most from when I lived in Chicago. I am anxious to see how Baxter reacts to the snow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have decided

To add on a third blog. Sharon's Village is on a mailing list and I don't want to write on it everyday and flood email boxes. Coming out of depression is not one I write on everyday. This will be my everyday blog site, more like a journal.

I am off work today and it will be my last day off during the week over the next several weeks. I am going to do some extra patient sitting on my days off. Extra money for the Holidays that are coming up. We are still hoping to get to go home sometime in December.

Fall is back in the air today. For the past week, we have had exceptionally warm weather but with this front coming through, our highs are suppose to go back into the mid 40's during the days.

I have plenty here at home to keep me busy today. All the Halloween decorations have to be put up and start decorating for Thanksgiving. Still haven't decided on if I will decorate for Christmas as I have a feeling Baxter will try and take down the Christmas Tree once I get it up. He is like a two year old, into everything.