Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two months since I have posted

Gee the time flys...
I spend alot of time on my facebook now as they have a virtual farm game that I love to play. Also discovered my first cousin Duncan from Flint Michigan on there so we have been kinda catching up with what each other has been doing for the last 30 years.
My daughter text messaged me the other day and mentioned that I don't get on here anymore to let everyone know how I am doing.
Well just like everyone else just struggling to survive.
I did go back onto my celexa and all those problems I was having have straightened out.
My sister text messaged me yesterday that Mom had surgery on her wrist. I felt kinda left out of the loop on that one but I understand.
I let Baxter out front to run for a little while this morning and after we had been back in for awhile (me playing on my farm) . I went into the kitchen to pour me some more coffee and noticed that he wasn't in his recliner where he usually lays. I looked all over the house for him and even went outside looking... Starting to panic, I came back inside to decide what to do next and there he laid under the dining room table watching me the whole time I was calling out his name. Guess he thought "there goes that crazy lady again looking for me and right here I am".
Am beginning to wonder about myself since I can't remember where I left the dog at....LOL
I start back full time at work this next week and am really looking forward to it. Those 6 days off in a row can be rather boring and depressing.
Well the weekend is almost upon us and I hope everyone has a good one.