Friday, May 29, 2009

Have a Great Weekend...

Here it is my day off and I have a hundred and one things I should be doing but I am still drinking my coffee and lazying about. Going to catch up on the emails and then I am off to grocery shop. Not much going on here this weekend. Wouldn't ya just know it is suppose to be nice and sunny on my weekend to work.
I hope everyone has a Great Weekend....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baxter got bored...LOL

When I got home from work Baxter was laying across the back of his chair by the frontroom window. When he saw me get out of my car he jumped down, not to greet me but to run and hide....hahahahahaha
These were a pair of Tony's house shoes and last winter when he would wear them he would chase Baxter with them. Guess Baxter decided today to pay back them shoes and ripped the stuffing out of them...Am so laughing my back side off here...hahahahahaha
I took a pic and sent it to Tony at work.... It was his idea to finally leave Baxter out of his cage while we were at work....hahahahahaha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My daughters day with the family...

Aunt Marsha and the girls

Grandma Walker

Memaw Donnie and the girls

Jim...Best Son-In-Law a Mom could get !!!

Auntie M

Beth and Sebastian

Beth called a few nights ago to let me know that they spent several hours with the family. She was so excited over it.. That is one thing my daughter is all about "Family". I could tell from her voice that she had a Wonderful day.

We spent the day yesterday washing vehicles, hoping the rain would wait until we were finished. It didn't but we finished them anyway...hahahahaha

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feels like Summer...

Doesn't seem like I have much time to be on blogger like I used to.
Feels like Summer outside today. I had to turn the attic fan on early this morning. I have the next few day off
and plan on doing some major cleaning in the basement. Since I have moved here I have had to take one part of this house at a time to clean. It is a full size basement so this could take me some time to accomplish all that needs to be done. There is over 20 years of accumulated junk down there and I plan on having one big yard sale to get rid of all of it. Tony says we will do this but so far only one part of the we has been involved.. hahaha
I got to see Marsha this past weekend. Marsha came up for a Cardinals day game and we met her at Applebee's in Arnold for dinner. It was such fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Did me alot of good getting to see someone from the family.
Our neighbor has put their house on the market and they have had open house all week and Baxter has been busy greeting them all from his side of the fence.
I spent yesterday outside in the flower beds getting it ready for some plants this weekend. Had Baxter on his chain and when I went in the house for a break he decided to help. When I went back outside he had one whole corner of the flower bed dug up...hahaha Needless to say that chain has been shortened and he can no longer reach it. Don't know why he decided to do that as when he is off the chain in the front yard he knows not to go into that bed.
I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grammy Bragging.....again....LOL





My how they are all growing.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tony left Baxter out of his cage today... Surprisingly he didn't destroy anything...Maybe he is settling down some...
I had a small sewing kit that he got off of the table and opened up but left it alone after that...Am glad I moved my flowers to higher ground this morning....LOL Last time he was left out he totally destroyed them as they were on the dining room table where he can reach.
Today went alot better for me as working takes my mine off going home...
It is gorgeous outside so I plan on getting into the flower beds after dinner and deweeding a bit...
Hope everyone had a nice day

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Hmmm talk about a fuzzy picture...LOL My card I got from Beth and the flowers I got from Baxter...
Was a good Mother's Day although I am very homesick right now. Talking to family members should help but at this point I just want to go home for a visit. The pills I take for depression do not help with homesickness.
I go back to work tomorrow so at least I will be busy and not having as much time to think...
Tony is off for an afternoon game of golf and Baxter and I are thinking of playing dress up, well at least one of us is thinking about it...hahahahaha
I hope everyone has a good week

Friday, May 8, 2009


8 a.m.

Stormy morning here. We had a really loud crack of thunder a few minutes ago and Baxter jumped out of his chair and hihg tailed it into the bedroom. He is now sitting on top of the bed, wide eyed and I guess waiting on the next roll of thunder...LOL

Beth wrote on her blog last night and it can be found Here .

Well the weekend is almost here and it will be too damp outside to do to much of anything so it looks like we will be working on the inside of the house.

2 p.m.

Well the back yard is a mini flood but all the bad weather passed south of Saint Louis. We had some pretty stong winds there for a little while.

I hope everyone has a good weekend


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cloudy, damp day here in Saint Louis. This is my day off and with still not feeling well, I am just puttering around the house.
When I got home from work yesterday Baxter had his face up in the front window looking out...Oops...Someone has discovered how to get out of his cage...LOL Fortunately the house was not a big mess. He had cleared off everything from the kitchen table and the bedroom dresser and had it scattered all over the house. Tony and I had been discussing leaving him out of his cage and seeing how he did. Well now we know, he still wants to get into everything. Guess he gets bored..LOL When I came into the house he was cowering at the end of the hallway. All I could do was laugh about it especially when I saw how he was reacting. His cowering was short lived once he found out I was not upset over it. Guess it is time for a new cage or to start leaving him out during the day. Today he is running all over the house because I am home and he doesn't have to go into the dreaded cage.
I hope everyone is having a pleasant week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Slowly springing back

Still feeling the effects of bronchitis, mostly just alot of coughing and the headaches that go along with it. Tony has it now... Baxter is the only one running around here with any amount of energy...LOL

Although this next week he might not have all that energy as we are taking him to the vet to be Neutered. The vet is recommending this as she found some abnormalities and doesn't want to take a chance on it turning into cancerous cells.

I am scheduled to work double shifts this weekend. I will definitely be dragging come Monday... A lot of remodeling going on at the hospital due to the Swine flu in the U.S. now. They are adding on reverse air flow in several rooms on every floor to accommodate the need if it arises. I just hope they don't need them.

Tony's daughter-in-law is in Mexico right now. She already had her trip to Cancun scheduled and decided to take the chance and go ahead with her plans.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend !!