Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost all of the snow is melted off from these warmer temperatures we have had overnight. We are suppose to get another winter mix before Christmas. I sure hope so. I love the snow on the ground.
I am bored being stuck at home with my injured back. Baxter loves it because he doesn't have to go into the cage for the day.
I go back to the doctor on Monday and start some therapy on Tuesday. Although I go back to work on Tuesday. I am looking forward to that going back to work part...LOL
I miss my friends from work although they call me everyday. I have gotten in touch with some of my friends from Jonesboro at the University also this past week. We kept in touch with emails but I finally found their phone numbers so I can call them now also.
Wish I was going to be home for Christmas but I have to work the weekend after it so that makes it hard to make it to Arkansas and back in that short of a time. I will wait until I go down for my psychiatrist appointment and spend a few days with my family then.
Beth wrote in her blog that the twins are doing well...http://fainscamp.blogspot.com/ I still find it unreal that we are going to have a set of twins in the family. I am looking forward to it though.


Opinionated Indian said...

Nice blog.. keep it up!

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Opinionated Indian said...

Never in my life I have seen a real life snowfall... you got to be lucky... I am from Goa, India.. its kinda like Miami... a beach resort.. we got hot and humid climate :(