Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When I got home from work yesterday, Baxter and I decided it was time to play in the winter wonderland that was provided for us. Was a nice break on my nerves from having to drive in it for the first half of this week. He sure ran all over the place kicking up the snow with his paws, sliding all across the yard. Hahaha a few times he lost his footing and when he tried to get started again all he did was run in one place.

I definitely love where I live. I love the Winter Season and all that comes along with it. Everyone around me here is groaning and moaning about the precipitation but not me !!!!

Monday when the Hospital told me I was going to have to go to Barnes Care West (which is about 20 miles away) I sorta freaked out because the roads were icy and I called Tony and he just took off work and drove me over there. One thing I can count on is Tony. He takes good care of me. Driving in that stuff to work was one thing but getting out on the interstate in all that traffic was another story...

I don't go back to work until next Tuesday, so I am going to enjoy my mini vacation this week.