Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Patient count (census) at the hospital is still down so our hours still remain low. I work tomorrow but have Friday off. Tony has gone to Southern Missouri with his Son for a Funeral. So it is just Baxter and I dining in this evening. Heard from my old friend Max in Australia today, he is doing good considering he had surgery again on his hand.
I can't help but shake my head at alot of the people I work with, talking about the first African-American elected into office...Apparently they have just by passed the fact that he is half White-American... They scowl at me when I mention this into the conversations...hahahaha
I go Friday to the local nursing home to talk to Human Resources. Looks like I will be changing places of employment soon. One thing I dislike is changing jobs and starting a new one causes alot of Anxiety. They already know I cannot start until after the 17th of February because of my Doctor's Appointment.
I hope everyone is having a Good Week