Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is how I look and feel after my wild ride on the ice this morning...hahahahaha

The road I live on and main roads had been salted but when I hit the few hills on Dunn Road it was like a ice skating rink.

There were about 15 cars off the road and I was one of them. I came to rest on a steep embankment looking down in a Gulley. Luckily I missed hitting one car and slid right in between two others...I laugh now but at the time I wasn't. They finally salted one side of the road after about a hour and a half of all of us sitting there. No one needed medical help just a few fender benders.

The Police were directing us one by one helping us get back up on the road. Those with rear wheel drive did not make it out. I was one of the lucky ones with front wheel drive and I barely did make it out and back up on the road. I came home and called in to work and since they had enough help there to cover the floors they told me to just go ahead and stay at home for the day.

Needless to say Baxter was excited getting out of the cage early. He went right outside and slid down the driveway...

Took me forever to coax him back up the front steps and into the house. Now when I say "Outside!" to him he just lifts his head and stares at me (like I am crazy). He is not too eager to try that one again. I heard on the news this morning that if you put children's no skid socks on their paws that they can manage the ice. Right !! I can just see me trying to put booties on that 80 lb. Boxer...hahahahahahaha