Friday, January 30, 2009


This pic was taken from the front Page of the JonesboroSun.com in Jonesboro Arkansas where alot of my family live. Talked to my Mom this afternoon and they are still without electricity.

Tax time again.....I always get stressed out this time of year... This year I get the added bonus of filing my State Taxes in two different states...Yee haw !! Like I wasn't stressed out enough already.

The weekend is upon us and Tony just called to inform me that this weekend will be devoted to finishing getting the basement in order.... We are moving the computer room downstairs...Not quite sure if I like this plan yet or not... The basement kinda freaks me out most of the time. It has a room down there that has a habit of turning it's own light on and off. Baxter absolutely refuses to go down there...Ya know they say dogs and cats can sense things where we can't .... LOL

Not quite sure if I will be back online this weekend or not so if not I hope Everyone has a Wonderful, Relaxing Weekend.


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