Saturday, April 11, 2009


I went into the kitchen for a small bowl of ice cream last night. Walk back to the computer room and sit down and began to read some more on the Internet. (It was one of those insomnia nights) . I was enjoying my little treat...all of a sudden...I realized my lap was really getting cold for such a small bowl..DUH! I glanced down at my lap, here I had brought the WHOLE pail of ice cream with me and stuck my bowl in the freezer! LOL
Tony mentioned yesterday about trying to leave Baxter out of the cage while we are at work soon. He doesn't like leaving him in that cage all day long.. Well I don't like it either but I like it better than coming home to a house that is destroyed...LOL That is one thing that Baxter sure can do and has done on a few occasions.
I hope everyone has a pleasant week ! I go back to work tomorrow and am sure looking forward to it.


Ginnymo said...

Ha! Ha! You better be careful. I've heard of people eating while sleeping too!! Ha! Poor Baxter. I know you must feel sorry for him too but I sure wouldn't want to come home to a wrecked house either. Have a good week Sharon.

Sue said...

Baxter looks VERY handsome all decked out. Half the men in the world could take lessons from him on how to dress....