Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That " N" This

Beth sent me this picture on my phone yesterday. Stacey is on the left and Samantha is on the right. They are sure growing.

Tony and his buddy are back to working on the house this afternoon. All of the guys went on a golfing trip at Lake Of The Ozarks over the weekend.. Baxter was very upset the whole weekend.. He is still upset today as he is left in the house while all the of activity is going on outside..LOL

We had frost and freeze warning last night but the day has warmed up considerably with the sunshine.


Ginnymo said...

The twins are beautiful Sharon!! I love those little shirts they have on. LOL Poor Baxter. he wants out!! Ha! The sun is out today!! Yea!!

Aleksandra said...

Sharon,they look great,more beautifull every day.By the by Ive got a Sisterhood award for you on my blog,if you want it.I made no rules,so dowhatever you think its cool with it,find some more sisters on our blog land or just keeo it in mind.All the best Sandra