Monday, April 27, 2009


Was a very warm weekend here. Today we have rain and cooler temps...
At least I am feeling better. We had all kinds of cook out invites but chose to stay at home and work in the yard and on the house and we just cooked out ourselves here. Was a lovely weekend.
We gave Baxter a bath with the water hose yesterday...I wound up more soaked than him...He just doesn't like that spray action...LOL
I hope everyone has a Great Week.


Ginnymo said...

It's real warm here today. I can't take it. So I keep everything shut up to keep it as cool as I can. I didn't want to get my air conditioner out yet. That's a great pic of Baxter!! He sure looks cool!!
It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, thank heavens! You have a nice week also Sharon!