Friday, May 1, 2009

Slowly springing back

Still feeling the effects of bronchitis, mostly just alot of coughing and the headaches that go along with it. Tony has it now... Baxter is the only one running around here with any amount of energy...LOL

Although this next week he might not have all that energy as we are taking him to the vet to be Neutered. The vet is recommending this as she found some abnormalities and doesn't want to take a chance on it turning into cancerous cells.

I am scheduled to work double shifts this weekend. I will definitely be dragging come Monday... A lot of remodeling going on at the hospital due to the Swine flu in the U.S. now. They are adding on reverse air flow in several rooms on every floor to accommodate the need if it arises. I just hope they don't need them.

Tony's daughter-in-law is in Mexico right now. She already had her trip to Cancun scheduled and decided to take the chance and go ahead with her plans.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend !!



Ginnymo said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick Sharon. Hope your daughter-in-law will be okay too. Poor Baxter. That will be uncomfortable for him for a while. Have a nice weekend. It's cooler here and I can breath again..Ha!