Friday, May 8, 2009


8 a.m.

Stormy morning here. We had a really loud crack of thunder a few minutes ago and Baxter jumped out of his chair and hihg tailed it into the bedroom. He is now sitting on top of the bed, wide eyed and I guess waiting on the next roll of thunder...LOL

Beth wrote on her blog last night and it can be found Here .

Well the weekend is almost here and it will be too damp outside to do to much of anything so it looks like we will be working on the inside of the house.

2 p.m.

Well the back yard is a mini flood but all the bad weather passed south of Saint Louis. We had some pretty stong winds there for a little while.

I hope everyone has a good weekend



Ginnymo said...

Ha! That's funny about Baxter. Glad the storm has passed. It turned out nice today here but we could get showers tonight. Have a great weekend Sharon and Happy Mother's Day!

Sue said...

I find it funny that such a huge and intimidating looking dog can be afraid of a storm.
Glad it passed with nothing damaged.