Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cloudy, damp day here in Saint Louis. This is my day off and with still not feeling well, I am just puttering around the house.
When I got home from work yesterday Baxter had his face up in the front window looking out...Oops...Someone has discovered how to get out of his cage...LOL Fortunately the house was not a big mess. He had cleared off everything from the kitchen table and the bedroom dresser and had it scattered all over the house. Tony and I had been discussing leaving him out of his cage and seeing how he did. Well now we know, he still wants to get into everything. Guess he gets bored..LOL When I came into the house he was cowering at the end of the hallway. All I could do was laugh about it especially when I saw how he was reacting. His cowering was short lived once he found out I was not upset over it. Guess it is time for a new cage or to start leaving him out during the day. Today he is running all over the house because I am home and he doesn't have to go into the dreaded cage.
I hope everyone is having a pleasant week.


Ginnymo said...

Isn't it funny how dogs know when they did something wrong and wait for a scolding? Ha! It's like they are getting even with you for caging them up.
That is a nice photo even if it is gloomy...It has been gloomy here but the sun is just starting to come out.
Take care and hope you feel better quick.

Sue said...

Dogs can be such fun........and OTHER TIMES-argh!
GLad it wasn't too big of a mess. Hope you feel better!