Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feels like Summer...

Doesn't seem like I have much time to be on blogger like I used to.
Feels like Summer outside today. I had to turn the attic fan on early this morning. I have the next few day off
and plan on doing some major cleaning in the basement. Since I have moved here I have had to take one part of this house at a time to clean. It is a full size basement so this could take me some time to accomplish all that needs to be done. There is over 20 years of accumulated junk down there and I plan on having one big yard sale to get rid of all of it. Tony says we will do this but so far only one part of the we has been involved.. hahaha
I got to see Marsha this past weekend. Marsha came up for a Cardinals day game and we met her at Applebee's in Arnold for dinner. It was such fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Did me alot of good getting to see someone from the family.
Our neighbor has put their house on the market and they have had open house all week and Baxter has been busy greeting them all from his side of the fence.
I spent yesterday outside in the flower beds getting it ready for some plants this weekend. Had Baxter on his chain and when I went in the house for a break he decided to help. When I went back outside he had one whole corner of the flower bed dug up...hahaha Needless to say that chain has been shortened and he can no longer reach it. Don't know why he decided to do that as when he is off the chain in the front yard he knows not to go into that bed.
I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Ginnymo said...

Feels like summer up here too Sharon. In the 80's today and will be again tomorrow. Those babies are so cute!! Poor Baxter. He's always getting in trouble..LOL
Sounds like you got your hands full cleaning that basement out. Have a nice weekend also! Memorial Day seems too early.

Sue said...

Wish I could borrow Baxter for an afternoon-I've got a LOT of digging to do. :)
Have a great weekend.