Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sad Day.....

Whew...What a day...

I think I was on automatic pilot from the minute my head lifted off the pillow.

My feet sure didn't want to get put into my shoes this morning...Poor things...They feel abused...LOL

I had to play housekeeper today, I haven't had to do that in weeks since I have been made a official floor technician.

About lunchtime I remembered just exactly why I moved from housekeeper to floor tech. I was in a patients room cleaning talking with the lady and she was chuckling at all we were talking about and a few hours later they were paging "Dr. Heart" to her room.. I stood by and held her daughters hand while they worked to resuscitate her. Alas it did no good and she was gone. I still feel sad over it.

Tony and his buddies are still hanging siding on the back of the house today. They are hoping to get done before it starts to rain.