Monday, March 16, 2009



Samantha and Stacey


Samantha and Stacey and their glow worm
Tony, I and Baxter went to a dinner at his son's house Saturday. Everyone got drunk, except for me I was drinking my coke and coffee.. I can't drink along with the meds I am taking. Being the sober one, I had to walk several of the neighbors there home otherwise no telling where they would have wound up...hahahahaha Tony got so blitzed that I decided that we would just stay there Saturday night or at least what was left of it... Yesterday was a lazy day, I had several naps throughout the day, just not used to late nights..hahahaha Baxter and Tony slept most of the day...
Now Today I am catching up on housework and laundry and grocery shopping as I go back to work tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a pleasant week


Ginnymo said...

The babies are so cute!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OMG! They are SO cute. You have two...canna I have one? :)

Ruralrose said...

They are lovely - so lucky to have such a granny - peace for all