Friday, March 6, 2009


My daughter's cat Scamp passed away this morning. He was almost 18 years old.

I remember the day she went and picked him out. He was in a cage with alot of other kittens and he was off to the side by himself and his meow was really gravely. She fell in love with him instantly. When we brought him home, along with all the accessories she was trying to decide on a name and as luck would have it we had purchased a bag of Scamp kitty litter. He was named after a bag of litter. Within a few days we realized he was sick and took him to the Vet and come to find out his voice was so gravely because he had a cold.

He had quite a personality...Beth would sit at one end of the living room and shoot rubber bands across the room and he would jump and chase them.. He always was one who demanded alot of attention. He would yowl in your face and talk to you until you finally paid him his due attention.

I will miss "Gampers" and my heart breaks for my daughters lost of her dear companion of 18 years.


Aleksandra said...

Bye-Bye Scamp,youre sweet.