Monday, March 2, 2009



Stacey and Samantha

Sebastian, Baxter and Me

What a wild weekend Tony and I had. We decided to go to Arkansas and take the babies their Swing, Playpen and Double Stroller. We decided to take Baxter with on this trip. Talk about a exciting trip.

About halfway from Saint Louis to Arkansas it started raining on us.

We let Baxter outside in the back yard when we got to Mom's and before the visit was over he was a muddy mess. We had to clean him up before he could go back into the car for the trip to Beth's.

When we arrived at Beth's it started sleeting outside and before long it was snowing hard.

We got to visit with the family for a few hours before we had to head back to Jonesboro to the Motel for the night because it was starting to stick to the roads. We had just put Baxter into the car when my daughter yelled out her front door for me to come back in for a minute. Sebastian was panicking because Grammy was leaving without him. I had thought about taking him with but figured with the roads getting bad my daughter wouldn't allow it. Needless to say he packed a bag and we took him with us overnight.

Sebastian and Baxter ran each other down in the Motel. We ordered pizza and had a great time. When we settled down for bed, Baxter decided it was time to go on guard duty and kept us up for hours barking every time a door closed or someone walked by the door.

It was a very slippery ride back to Trumann from Jonesboro. We dropped Sebastian off and got back out on the road. The roads in Arkansas were bad, we saw a Semi without his trailer go off spinning into the median. That was shocking as he wasn't very far ahead of us. From Trumann to Paragould we saw numerous vehicles off in the ditches.

Once we got into Missouri the roads were fine and about 50 miles into Missouri there wasn't hardly any snow on the ground. Guess we took the snow to Arkansas and left it...hahahaha

We were definitely tired once we got home. Baxter immediately jumped into his recliner and went to sleep.. I told Tony he can't keep up with us and Tony said that we can't even keep up with us....hahahahahaha


Ginnymo said...

I guess it was a wild weekend!! Just thank God you made it safely home. Your dog is a handsome fella!