Friday, March 13, 2009

The weekend is here.....

Ah the weekend is finally here and it is suppose to be a nice weekend temperature wise...Well the 50's but that will be nice enough. Not nice enough to take the bike out but we will be able to go around town and sight see. Tony usually takes me to different places on the weekends. Last weekend I was off, we went around to all his old neighborhoods where he grew up here.
We went by lumiere place, which is a hotel and casino and traveling down I70 they have a gigantic screen outside their building that shows movie advertisements at night. Tony says he just can't see how that is legal because it is very distractful when driving by as you can't help but look at it. It is a sight to behold. When I am sitting with patients at the hospital, if their room is on the North side, I can see this building very clearly off in the distance as the colors change.
No sitting tonight as Tony does not like it when he comes home and it is just him and Baxter for the night. Guess he gets bored and he says all Baxter does is sit by the window and whine.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend


Ginnymo said...

Enjoy your weekend Sharon. It's going to be nice here too! But I won't be going out. The Opossum was out today. I like watching him.