Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling much better...

The clock strikes 3 and I have slept most of today away. The wind whipping around hitting the house woke me up. No rain yet so I have put Baxter out in the back yard to get some exercise as when it does start raining he refuses to go outside. Honestly the neighbors more than likely get a big kick out of all they see in this yard. On rainy days you will see Tony walk outside carrying a big umbrella...What? You say that isn't so unusual...well I think it is because he is carrying the umbrella over Baxter and not over himself just so he will go out. Otherwise that dog will sit down at the front door and just look up at you like you are crazy... Smart Dog !!!!

Before I moved up here with Tony, he had lived by himself for quite a few years. This morning I went into the bathroom cabinet looking for some Pepto Bismol for my stomach virus and found some tablets and took me a few of them. Then he reminded me that he had no idea what was in the cabinet or how long they had been there. Turns out they expired Jul of 2004. Medical emergency email to my sister wanting to know if that will effect me... She reassures me that they are "dead ....capoot... fizzled out...no worries"... Whew... I am now going to go through all of it checking expiration dates....hahahahaha

After all of that I was able to lay down and rest and now that I am up from a very long nap. I feel much better.

With today being Baxter's Birthday we will take him out later to McDonald's for a large order of their French Fries. These are his favorite human food and the only ones he gets besides gravy from the dinner table with his dog food.


Sandi said...

Hi lady,

Thank you for following my blog, I like to follow those that follow me, Which of your two blogs do you prefer I follow?

Life's Moments said...

Either one is fine..I blog quite often on both of them..This is the one I blog more about me on though...LOL