Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"What Storm?"

Woke up this morning to flooded roads and wondered when the heck did it storm??? Feeling for the folks in Oklahoma. Living in Arkansas most of my life, dealing with Severe Storms and Tornadoes is a way of life. It won't be much different here in Saint Louis either as last year we had two sitings near where I live now. Tony mentioned the other night that if it ever happens we will have a very difficult time getting Baxter down into the basement...

The rain has started again and is suppose to last through this afternoon and then our temperatures are suppose to drop significantly. Guess they are right about more winter precipitation to come.. Chance of snow flurries tonight.

So I had decided to stay indoors and clean today. I have one bedroom here upstairs here that I have not tackled yet and after what happened earlier I am not sure I will do it again..LOL

I decided to vacuum under the bed and had to crawl under to reach the backside, well I didn't have to crawl under I could have pulled it out but decided since I was already down I would just use the attachment and reach the backside. I got it done and went to crawl back out and a hook from the bed caught on the belt loop of my jeans, so here I am unable to reach behind me and unhook myself and Baxter comes crawling under the bed and decides my face needs washed at the same time. Here I lay thinking... only me...I seem to get myself in these messes quite often. It took some doing but I finally unhooked myself and the whole time Baxter is thinking I am playing so he is scooting all over the place under there trying to chase my hand and growling at me the whole time...Whew.....

I am tired now and in desperate need of a nap :-)


malena Sandra said...

You write that good,I can picture it and Im laughing cause I see my self in the same kind of situations and than I laugh also.Absurd situation and we in it,like you can see your own falldown on ice,in slowmotion.Greatings!