Friday, February 6, 2009


I always fix Tony's lunch for the day every morning and leave it in the fridge, as I leave for work first. Yesterday morning I get a phone call at work from Tony telling me that he remembered his lunch but he wouldn't be eating it. A long pause on the phone while I digested this information, strange as it was. He proceeded to tell me that he sat his sandwich and pizza rolls on the table and went about finishing getting ready for work.. When he returned to the table to grab his sandwich to leave for work it had disappeared. He thought well maybe I didn't get it out of the fridge. Nope it wasn't there either and then he noticed the plastic baggies on the floor and Baxter was standing in the corner of the hallway peeping around. LOL... Guess that Pork Chop sandwich was just too much to resist...
Amazingly enough the plastic baggies were not shredded at all...
Now you would think that Tony would have learned the first time around a few weeks ago when he left a burger on the coffee table and Baxter gobbled it right down.
So this morning as Tony is leaving he sits his sandwich on the dining room table again while he put on his coat and before I knew what was happening it was a sandwich tugging match between Baxter and Tony... Tony won !!!!!
Baxter turns 2 this next week and he acts like a very small child... They say they start settling down around 2 years old and from how it looks Baxter is far from that...LOL
Today is my day off and I have soooo many things to do... and here I sit still drinking my coffee....


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