Thursday, February 26, 2009


Grrrrr.. This really irritates me. Phone solicitation has really been taken to a higher level of annoyance.. Now they call and a recording asks you to hold for a representative of ______... What is up with this? I actually wonder just how many people hold on until the live person gets there. I did this the other day and was on hold for 10 minutes and it was an announcement from some public official with a survey.

I called Charter last week over a cable problem and the woman put me on hold for about 30 minutes...Guess I called during her lunch time. What really got me was after holding that 30 minutes when she came back on she told me she would have to transfer me to a technician, which by the way took up another 15 minutes on hold.

Baxter and I went to the market this morning. When I came out of the store a man was standing by the car and Baxter was snarling and baring his teeth at the man. I had to ask the man to step away from the car because Baxter was all over the window on that side while he stood there and I couldn't get into the car afraid Baxter would charge out. The guy said I have a pretty mean looking Pit Bull there. How anyone could think a Boxer looks like a Pit Bull is beyond me.