Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another day...

69 for a hight yesterday and 39 is the high predicted for today. Thunderstorms rumbled through last night which means the back yard is a mess and whenever Baxter has to go outside I will have to put him on his leash and take him out front. I don't mind just tired of the winter temperatures, I am so ready for Spring warmth.

Started Laundry early this morning and fell up the stairs, so this tells you how my morning so far is going..LOL

I am sitting with a patient at the hospital tonight so hopefully by then my day will be going alot better :-)
The pic above is of Baxter after he got in trouble this morning. Apparently he decided to pull all of the covers off the bed and make a bed for himself at the foot of it. Wasn't so bad but he decided everything on the dresser should be there also...I was in the basement folding clothes when all of this was going on. When I cam up stairs and went to the room to put the clothes away I found a mess on the floor and he was laying up on the pillows in the bed. I swear he had a smug look on his face that said...See what happens when you leave me alone !!!
I hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend.